23 January, 2010

Just listed

This week has been quite turbulent, so I haven't had time to blogg a lot. I have been able to list som new stuff on ArtFire, though. Let's start with two goddesses from my series Mother of two goddess:
This one has a core of dark amethyst and an encasement of medium amethyst. I love to etche the surace of my transparent goddesses. It makes the suface look and feel almost like skin and it also makes alters the light when it shines thorugh the bead. The goddess kind of glows from within.
The next lady is made from a CiM glass called stoneground. It's a yellow ochre colour with great striations in it. My only problem is that this glass doesn't seem to work with my bead release. It won't let go of the mandrel! This one my husband finally manage go get off, but the mandrel i ruined.

This is the last fish of this week. Quite a different colour scheme comapred to the others I've listed. A cool guy in white, sky blue and emerald green taht I call Robin.

And last but not least - a bead for spring:
Heart for spring
This pea green heart has raised flowers on both sides. The hole runs vertically through so you can choose to just put it directly on a thin chain for a simple neckalce. It would make a lovely Valentine gift!

BTW - all images are clickable and will bring you directly to my ArtFire shop!

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