02 June, 2010

New category: Big Hole Beads (BHB)

Yes, I finally caved in and bought some really thick mandrels (5 mm in diameter) to make big hole beads for Pandora, Troll, Biagi and similar jewelry. They are actually quite fun to make and kind of challenging to as I have to think in new dimensions while placing the pattern.

The mandrel in the picture is one of my normal sized ones.

And as these beads differ a bit from my normal production I also decided to open up a new category in my ArtFire studio for them.

Great news on Fire Divas blog!

May has been somewhat insane for me. Lot of work and not so much time for beads or blog.

But I wanted to pop in and tell you about a new feature at the Fire Divas blog. As you probably know we have a daily post called Bead of the Day (or BOTD if your in a hurry). Now many of us divas have signed up for Bead of the Day project and discounts. In short it means taht if you are quick and order the featured bead within 24 hrs, you get some sort of discount.

Check it out to find out what, who and how much!