26 November, 2007

Little swimmers

I've made two new fishes. They have the "guppy-shape" that I've been sticking to for a while.

This one is made in clear glas with encased dots of Rose garden frit from Beady Sams. The fins are made of light amethyst Effetre.

This one is also made out of clear glass and has encased gold aventurine dots. Light topaz glass for fins with small dots of gold aventurien filigrano stringer on the tips.

Using my lentil press

I'm practising on using my lentil press. It's *#%&&¤/?*^¨ hard to get the holes right, but I keep trying. Here are some results:

Mixed lentils where I also tested my new, lovely frit from Beady Sam.

Eye of the Tiger lentils. I think theese might actaully be something once I get the hang of them. Black glass in the middle, gold aventurine dots and covered in light topaz glass.

Emoticons. Haven't seen them done by other lampworkers, but maybe I just hvaen't been looking hard enough. I like the idea.

23 November, 2007


It's such a great felling when people actually want to buy your stuff. Father Christmas and one of the godesses has found new homes.

And I haven't even started to try to sell beads yet! :)

Thankyou, everyone who encourage me to keep on torching!

16 November, 2007

Winter's here, christmas is coming!

Right now it's hard not to think about winter and such stuff. At least here in Sweden where we've had snow for over a week now. That's early, even for us!

Waiting for this guy...

Frost roses

Christmas petals.
The green glass is leaking on to the white and clear. I think it's a nice effect!

Proof of me using my equipment

Ok, here I go.

An implosionbead that didn't crack is proof of me using my kiln

My very, very first lentil bead with my new earth frit that I had inone of my new frit trays (I burned the frit, but still am quite happy with the result!)

Like a child on Christmas Eve... :)

Okej, I've gotten myself some new toys. Wanna see?
On the left lays some LAuscha rods and som handpulled Effetre (I just have to try the copper green and Opal Yellow before I go crazy!) togheter with a little gift of gold aventurin from my new "drug dealer" Anibeads.

In the middle my brand new and very first beadpress. (The flesh is weak and so was the spirit when it realized Cattwalk had an offer on beadpress and holder that I just couldn't refuse.) This one is a tripple lentil press.

On the right some really greate frits from Beady Sam Glass. She also made the brass tools and provided me with the cute frit trays, AKA tea bag rests.

Okay, haven't got time for you right now! ;-)

10 November, 2007


I've got my kiln up and running! I batch annealed once and used it for new made bead once and both seems to work.

This is so greate!

05 November, 2007

New store

After looking at all the pretty Lauscha beads in the Christmasbead thread at LampworkEtc I had an instoppeble craving for some Lauscha glass. :)

As the glass is manufactured in Germany I figured it would be nice to buy it from there. Googling through the internet I found a store I didn't see before. I've placed an order to test it (and to get me some pretty Lauscha!).


I finally got the fkitchen fan up in my studio. So now I can work with the door closed without the risk of getting poisoned. :)

If anyone's got an idea of how to test the strenght of the fan without lightening a cigarette under it, please let me know.
I THINK it works, but I'd like to be sure.

03 November, 2007

Pink petals

My mother in law had her birthday this week, so I went to my studio and made this petal bead:

(My mother in law loves pink, so I wasn't worried about the choice of color.)

The bead is stringed on a headpin togheter with three silverplated 3 mm beads and two firepolished 4 mm.