25 January, 2010

Do you do Valentine's Day?

My guess is that if you're american you say "Yes, of course!" and if you're from Sweden you say "maybe I buy my loved one a flower...". We swedes are not very big on this day though the commercial forces are trying to convince us we HAVE to buy flowers and chocolates. :)

In Sweden, this day is called Day of All Hearts (though in swedish of course - Alla Hjärtans Dag). It does not have a long tradition (probably as we are mainly protestants and don't celebrate saints). It wasn't until the 1960's it was brought to our attention buy commercial forces and under influence of the amreican culture.

I don't think love should go hand in hand with money and I really don't like this day to be a competition for who are most popular. But if you have a loved one, it might be nice to take the opportunity to appreciate her or him a little extra.

In my ArtFire shop I have tagged some items with "valentine" if you feel like making that extra effort. I'm guessing you will not be too surprised by finding my hearts under that tag. But there will be other stuff too, like male necklaces.

So go ahead - take a look!

Tie bead necklace


Cat said...

Actually valentine's day is our anniversary as well - ah, the first real date ;-)
Otherwise I don't think we'd celebrate it.

Liesan said...

No I don't :)