30 December, 2009

Tried and loved: Gun Metal

As soon as I saw CiM released a glass called Gun Metal I knew I had to have it! I even placed an order in US so I wouldn't have to wait for it to reach the european shops.

When it arrived, I was almost nervous to try it out. But I did. And it's beautiful!

As the glass itself is so pretty, I prefered makin a simple design. A heart with a horisontal hole:

As I worked the glass in a neutral flame, it was really easy to get the metallic surface. But if I turned the oxygen down and worked in a reductive flame, it turned black. As most metallic glasses reduce in a propane flame, I was a bit confused in the beginning. :)

On CiMs' page there is a lot of comments on how to work this glass. Try it - beacuse you're worth it! ;)

29 December, 2009


I'm having a sale in my AF store Babs Beads & Design that lasts the year out! That is - two more days. ;)

15% off everything!