27 April, 2008

Now even hotter

I'm still trying to figure out my new torch. It's a lot of fun, but at the same time quite frustrating as all the glasses react in new ways. The ones that I earlier worked with ease now tends to drip, burn and scum in a way that I yet don't master.

On the other hand, the ones that I earlier almost never used as it took ages to get them to melt, I now find very pleasant.

Some of the new reactions are manageable and even fun. Some just annoying. Like
- the Vetro clear bubbles and scums. So now that I finally get it hot enough not to capture airbubbles it creates its own bubbles all over the place.

- my beloved Vetro black, that has always behaved nicely, though a bit stiff, now is starting to let me down. When making black and white beads, for example, the black is invading the white, creating "watermarks" on it.

- using stringers for dots is much harder, as the heat tends to boil the glass.

It's all probably a matter of PPP, but right now I'm quite frustrated.

11 April, 2008


Yesterday I installed my new Minor Bench Burner, complete with a New Life oxygen concentrator and all. It's wonderful and I'm allready in love.

It will take somPPP though, to get used to it. Now I finally understand what they mean by "dripping hot". :) And a lot of the advice I've red that seemed unimportant on my HotHead suddenly makes sence.

But this will be great fun. Now I can bring the colours out of the raku. I also ordered some DH Gaia to celebrate the event.