09 August, 2008

Some of last weeks work

Today I finally took a few pictures of my beads. (And a lot of my jewellery. Am going to update my webshop tomorrow.)

08 August, 2008

Effetre Crystal Clear 1006

I love it!

Bought a pack from Tuffnell and I'm sure to pick up more cause this is greate.

I've been using Vetros clear and it worked fine when I was on a HH, but when I got myself a better torch, the clear glass started frying on me and every flaw in the rod got visible in the beads.

The new Effetre clear doesn't do this. It doesn't fry, scum, bubble or in any other way misbehave.

07 August, 2008

Summer vaccation is over

I'm back from a long vaccation and is trying to figure out how it all was done! It's hard to get used to the alarm setting off in the morning and to all the routines the a life in a family of four requiers.

It's also hrd go get back to the torch. Not that it's not funny (I've missed it while I was away) but you loose a bit of the feeling after five-six weeks. But I practise!

During the summer I've been focusing on making jewellery out of my beads and that's also a lot of fun. A lot of kind people have been inteerested in my work and I also stood at my first market ever. Here are som pics from my both:
Note the greatest jewels I've ever made - my sweet, sweet children.

Most of the jewellery contains my own lampworked beads, though not all. Sometimes it's fun to create with bought stuff!
I'm especially proud of my earring displays! ;) Yoghurt packges and a cereal box. But it worked and I had something to talk to the customers about.