16 June, 2008

Some finished jewellery

I thought I'd show of some jewellery I've made with my lampwork beads:

Earrings for Maria

Black and white pendant

Ratteling flower bracelet

Ratteling bracelet with B/W beads

My first cross necklace

Delivery today

I got my package from Tuffnell today:
Mostly. it's just about filling my glasstock but there are some interesting pieces.
I'm trying a new bead release - Fusion Bead Separator
I'm giving Iris Gold frit a try
I finally invested in a masher and a TUNGSTONE picker
And - on top of the pile - is the new Effetre Crystal Clear that I'm really anxiouse to try.

So see you later! I'm going to do some seriouse torching now.

10 June, 2008


I've updated my webshop at Babs Beads & design. One of these days I'm going to uppdate this blog with some beads to, but now I just hvae to go to bed.