31 October, 2015

Bones bracelet

For this weekend, I got an order for a scull and bones bracelet. It's a gift for a friends daughter. I've made similar before, but it was years ago, so it was quite fun to pick up the bone making thing again. 

I hear the daughter loves it.

29 October, 2015

Cool flowers

When I first got into bead making, the florals was my aim. I don't know how many hours I've praticed to achieve that smooth, even and bubble free encasing that gives the florals their depth. But it's many.

And I still love making them, though they're quite time consuming. But flower will be flowers and the variation possibilities in colour combos, pattern, shape, background and so on is endless. 

Here's a recent floral with a pale aqua coloured center, a hint of dicroic  and white and lime green flowers. 

25 October, 2015

Sunday alien

Well, maybe not an alien, but I think it looks like something from outer space. Or from deep, deep sea. 

The inside of this round bead is made of so called "silver glass" that reacts to the flame with shimmer and colour variations. I've added a few encased dots on the surface.

24 October, 2015

Fashionable owl

Owls seems to be an important fashion detail this autumn. I see them everyshere: on clothes, in jewellery, on fabrics, as home decor details... So whys not make a few myself?

This one looks like it's been up all night and really could use a cup of coffe:

An angel watching over us

Bad things are happening in Sweden right now. Houses, meant for housing for refugees, are burnt down, a teacher and a student was stabbed to death and two others are severly wounded after a terror dead in a school.

I know this is just glass, just a bead. But if it can help us in any way, wether it protect us or let us see the good things and try our best, or just puts a smile on someones face, it's worth a lot.

22 October, 2015

Etched dots

I bought a dotted blous this spring. Very unlike me, since I don't really appreciate dots on clothes. But this bluse justhadmy name on it. It's beige with white dots and made in a lofty, material. 

Ofcourse I had to make a necklace for it! The result was an etched bead with a dark beige center and white dots evenely spaced over the surface.

In fact, I've never worn a bead that gets as commented on as that one! Ofcourse I only weare it together with the bluse, wich emphazises both, but I'm still amazed over how much attention something beige can get!

I do love the design. Very calm and exat, but still exciting as the etched surface gives the bead a kind of inner light.

Hard to describe - even harder to catch in a picture.  But here's an exampel of a etched, dotted bead with a teal coloured center:

21 October, 2015

Calm Sea - for those of us who long for summer

The design for Calm Sea bead came to me after a summer vaccation a few years ago. I love the sea and I love summer. A love I seem to share with a lot of people!

To me, this bead shows the sea and the cliffs of the nothern westcoast of Sweden. To others, it's a sandy beach. I think it's wonderful that the design can represent everyones favourite bathing place.

Here are two recent exampels of the Calm Sea bead:

20 October, 2015

Amethyst and caramel

One of my favourite colour combiantions is amethyst and brown. The combination works well in many kinds of beads - florals, graphic, dotted or sculptural. I also think it's an amazing colour set for autumn. Makes me think of falling leaves and the last flowers of the season.

Here's a pendant bead featuring these yummy colours:

It's put togheter with sterling silver parts and swarowski chrystals. Ready to hang on a necklase, thanks to the bail.

19 October, 2015

A fresh start

It's been years and, frankly, this blogg just never took off.

But I'm prepared to give it another try, now that I have far too much spare time.

Let's start with a picture of a recent bead:

This is a "pärlhöna" or "bead hen".

The english word for pärlhöna is in fact "guniea fowl", wich doesn't make any sence at all  when naming this bird.