31 January, 2008

Happy birthday to me... :D

My birthdaypresents are starting to roll in. (I turned 40 the 21:st of January and wished for a new torch and money to buy lampworkingstuff for.) I got the Nortel minor I wished for and the order is placed, though it hasn't arrived yet. The money I got I've decided to spend on presses, special glass and other tools that I wouldn't afford otherwise. So I've been doing some happy shopping the last week! :)

Today the first package arrived. Two new presses from Cattwalk.
Aren't they great!? The lovely people at Cattwalk even tied pretty ribbons around the handles and put a treat in the parcels.

This will be so fun! i just wish I would get better soon, cause I can't find the energy right now to do anything. This cold is drivning me crazy!

Now I can't wait for the next package to arrive! Pretty glasses from Sansiera.

30 January, 2008

Three red cats

I've spent a lot of time practising encased florals (when I haven't taken care of sick children). I'm slowly beginning to grasp the technique of the beads, but still haven't got a clue on how to get sharp fotos of the damned things. Beginning to suspect that my camera is of too low quality for this kind of photos. But I'll give it another try.

Meanwhile, you'll have to settle whit this picture of three red cats. They're about 20 mm high.

19 January, 2008

First reaction

For the first time I managed to get SOME reaction out of the raku glass.

It's not much, it's hardly pretty and the bead is useless, but at least it's something!

Loving these

I'm loving these brass tools from Beady Sam Glass:
Double pointed tools, perfect for sculpturing

12 January, 2008

What I want for my birthday

This is what i want for my birthday:
A Minor Bench Burner!

I've outgrown my HH and need (!) a oxygen/propane-fueled torch. I choose this particular one as it can be bought in Sweden and from a person who is really good at making beads.

I also wish for lots of money to buy glass and lampworking tools!