19 October, 2007

New beads

Here are some new beads I've been making (I know I should focus on the OM-beads, but I have to do something else too).

For a while I've been trying to find a manly design, but I'm not wuite there yet. But this little guy might do:
Jolly Roger (though he doesn't look so very "jolly" to me)
He's about 13 mm high and made from Effetre light ivory and Vetro intense black.

After all the manlyhood I just flipped over and started making this:
Flower power.
They're about 10x12 mm and made from several COE 104 glasses from Effetre,
Vetro, CiM and Reishenbach

I'm really working on my photo skills, and getting better, though I've still got a lot of practising to do.

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