29 October, 2007

I caught another cold so I havn't been very active this last week. Som lampworking, though, andtoday I finally got my camera out. Here are some exmaples on what I've been up to:

Blue on blue
Not a serious attmpt to do anything. Just messing around.
But I like the way the colors turned out.

It was a dark, stormy night...
I keep trying on those organics. Most of them are not worth showing, but these I like.

My first godesses.
I go for a "Mother of two-godess"-look as those perky-brested and silicon-godesslike ones don't appeal to me. ;-) The left one in Light Ivory and the right one in Dark Ivory (Effetre)

A little Cristmas collection.
Now the preparation starts...

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malin0120 said...

Tomtarna är ursöta!