22 October, 2015

Etched dots

I bought a dotted blous this spring. Very unlike me, since I don't really appreciate dots on clothes. But this bluse justhadmy name on it. It's beige with white dots and made in a lofty, material. 

Ofcourse I had to make a necklace for it! The result was an etched bead with a dark beige center and white dots evenely spaced over the surface.

In fact, I've never worn a bead that gets as commented on as that one! Ofcourse I only weare it together with the bluse, wich emphazises both, but I'm still amazed over how much attention something beige can get!

I do love the design. Very calm and exat, but still exciting as the etched surface gives the bead a kind of inner light.

Hard to describe - even harder to catch in a picture.  But here's an exampel of a etched, dotted bead with a teal coloured center:

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