05 October, 2011

I say ladybug, you say ladybird!

Today I thought I learned somthing new. I've always called those sweet little bugs, with red shell and black spots, for ladybugs in english. And that's also what I called the BHB i listed yesterday:

But today I looked it up, just to be sure. And was i surprised to find out that they are really called ladybirds!

So I named my new bead Ladybird Meadow:

And now, after som more research, I find out that ladybird is brittish english and ladybug is american english. So now I'm just confused.

In swedish they are called nyckelpiga. But no one outside Sweden would understand that!

(You can find the beads in my Etsy shop.)


Cat said...

Whatever it's called, it's very cute. To add to the confusion, here in Germany they are called "Marienkäfer" ... "Mary's bugs". No idea why (and I'm too lazy to look it up ;-)).

Eddy G. said...

Hee hee Yes In Wales they are "pryf bach yr Haf" which means little insects of Summer
I still find that ladybirds are the only insect I would willingly allow to crawl upon my hand (without squeeling like a girl and running away)