20 March, 2010

The perfect tool

People who are just about to get their first lampwork setup often asks what tools they should invest in (beside the obviouse torch and mandrels). Moste beginners kits includes a graphite marver and som kind of poking device, wich anyone who is into this hobby probably would recommend too. But what is the next step?

I've been addicted for almost three years and have gathered some tools, more or less useful. But there is one that I don't think I would do without (at least not as well!) and that happens to be the cheapest tool in the box! Here it is:

Yep, that's right. It's a common, stainless steel table knife. It was part of my husbands cuttlery when he moved away from home and I'm guessing he bought it real cheap at IKEA or so.

And now it's a lampwork tool! That must be a somewhat surprising experience for a knife. But totally awesome!

And I love and use it all the time. It's perfect for gently pushing glas around while encasing a bead. It works as a tiny marver when you just want to shape part of a bead, like the legs of a goddess or the fishes head. As it is so narrow, it doesn't hide the while bead like a marver would so it's easy to follow the lines you're creating.

It makes nice creases (I always use it for making striped wine stringer) and the cutting edge is great for raking or feathering pattern on the surface of the bead.

Tools can be really expensive. But they don't have to be to work! As long as they are made in a stainless material and doesn't melt or burn, they can work.

And the best part; When this knife is worn out, there are 11 more in the box!


Lauren said...

That's too funny, because it looks exactly like my favorite tool! I use my knife all the time, but especially for turtle mouths.

Fru Babsan said...

Isn't it a great tool! :)
My turtles don't have mouths. Maybe that's something I should concider...

Tease Beads said...

I love using my knife too! I use a paring knife though - I like how small it is and the tip comes to a point which is is very useful. Maybe I'll try a butter knife also!

Fru Babsan said...

Butterknife... :)
An acquaintance of mine uses ice cube tongs as a bead press.