07 May, 2009

A decision is made

I finally made the decision to move my whole shop to ArtFire and make a link from Babs Beads & Design to that shop. It was too hard to keep two shops updated and since the one on ArtFire is much better (with for example the possibility to have several photos of each item) that's the winner.

Babs Beads & Design is of course going to survive and be updated with news and other stuff (ArtFire is no good for that). That's where you can sign up to my newsletter too.

So both sites will live happily ever after!

In addition to this there's a fanclub for Babs Beads & Design on Facebook. If you want to check it out - and maybe join - you can find it here. In a while I will start making special offers to the members of the club.

And if you still haven't had enough of me, follow me on Twitter!

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