22 January, 2009

Some new stuff

I donät know why I so poor at updating this blog. My other blogs donät get tht much attention either. Perhaps it's beacuse I'm having such a full time lampworking and also tink it's a bore to take pictures. :)

Anyway; I'd like to show you some of my recent stuff:
Glacier crack
Lately I've been practising chaping a lot and finds it really hard. :) This one, though, turned out pretty well. It's a mix of a lot of different blues and with a SIS line ressambling a crack.

Amthyst twist
Here's another example of shaping. Maybe not that obvious as I've decorated the middle of it with raised application.

A friend of mine wanted to have a crocodile so I gave it a try.
I think it turned out pretty nice for a first attempt.

Golden dots
I bought Iris Gold frit a while ago, but haven't had the guts to use it. Until now.
Now I'm working my guts up to make another one to pair this one with!

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