31 January, 2008

Happy birthday to me... :D

My birthdaypresents are starting to roll in. (I turned 40 the 21:st of January and wished for a new torch and money to buy lampworkingstuff for.) I got the Nortel minor I wished for and the order is placed, though it hasn't arrived yet. The money I got I've decided to spend on presses, special glass and other tools that I wouldn't afford otherwise. So I've been doing some happy shopping the last week! :)

Today the first package arrived. Two new presses from Cattwalk.
Aren't they great!? The lovely people at Cattwalk even tied pretty ribbons around the handles and put a treat in the parcels.

This will be so fun! i just wish I would get better soon, cause I can't find the energy right now to do anything. This cold is drivning me crazy!

Now I can't wait for the next package to arrive! Pretty glasses from Sansiera.

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