16 November, 2007

Like a child on Christmas Eve... :)

Okej, I've gotten myself some new toys. Wanna see?
On the left lays some LAuscha rods and som handpulled Effetre (I just have to try the copper green and Opal Yellow before I go crazy!) togheter with a little gift of gold aventurin from my new "drug dealer" Anibeads.

In the middle my brand new and very first beadpress. (The flesh is weak and so was the spirit when it realized Cattwalk had an offer on beadpress and holder that I just couldn't refuse.) This one is a tripple lentil press.

On the right some really greate frits from Beady Sam Glass. She also made the brass tools and provided me with the cute frit trays, AKA tea bag rests.

Okay, haven't got time for you right now! ;-)

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