19 September, 2007

Well, here I am!

Some people might think that I've got enough blogs as it is. (I've even heard thatSOME people think that ONE blog is enough, but that must be a malicious rumor.)

Anyway; The problem with myprior blogs is that they are in Swedish. In many ways that's not a problem at all since swedish is my language and I'm pretty good both at expressing myself in that language and spelling the words. Two resons good enough to keep me happy with Status Quo.

But then I took up lampworking. And that isn't such a big hobby in Sweden. So I miss a place where I can share my experinces, feelings and results with people who's both got the same hobby AND can understand what I write. French (wich happens to be my third language, though in a very distant sort of way) is not an option. Hence, english it is.

What I really want to say is:
Welcome to my new blog!
It's about lampwork, beads and other stuff related to that.
I'm quite a newbee to this craft but I can't think of anything else I so much want to be good at as this.

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